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Stream: Crow44, “Love You To Death”

February 12, 2013

Recently, while trolling some Google search results for the word "vampires," James Pants developed a mild obsession with an extremely obscure, North Yorkshire-based bedroom musician named Desmond Pierce. Pierce is an older gentleman who adopted the moniker Crow44 after signing up for an email address; he played in a Yardbirds-inspired rock band back the '60s, and has spent the past decade recording more than 25 albums of floaty, lo-fi dream-pop on an outdated PC. After getting in touch with the guy, Pants combed through his discography and presented a collection of his favorites to Peanutbutter Wolf. "Love You To Death" is the opening track from the resulting, self-titled EP, which is out today on Stones Throw. Consistent with the rest of the album, "Love You To Death" combines golden atmospherics and a laid-back gait with the kind of slightly off-kilter vocal phrasing that makes comparisons to folks like Bobb Trimble somewhat inevitable.

Stream: Crow44, "Love You To Death"

Posted: February 12, 2013
Stream: Crow44, “Love You To Death”