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Download Com Truise’s New Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape

February 25, 2013

New Jersey producer Com Truise is returning to Los Angeles tomorrow night for a second sold-out appearance at Echo Park's Check Yo Ponytail party, which is notorious for being so fun that it usually takes a few days to recover from. Apparently, the galaxy-crusading, synth-loving beatsmith is excited enough about it that he's gone ahead and made his fans a mix for the occasion, combining obscure elevator funk with arpeggiation-heavy club tracks and some Com Truise originals. Enigmatically, he describes the mix as a celebration of Los Angeles, "home of my favorite replicant, Rick Deckard, the original blade runner… not to be confused with Oscar Pistorius."

Download: Com Truise, CYP2 Mixtape #2

1. 26
2. Trevor Bastow, "L.A. Sunrise"
3. Dave Monolith, "Zunker"
4. DMX Krew, "When The Going Gets Weird"
5. S. May, "Tops on TV"
6. Joel Vandroogenbroeck, "Mexican Brass"
7. Howard Johnson, "Let This Dream Be Real"
8. Collage, "Romeo, Where's Juliet"
9. Keith Mansfield, "Brain Damage"
10. R.E.M, "Computer Communication"
11. Dharma, "Plastic Doll"
12. Paul Hardcastle, "Central Park"
13. Phil Famous, "Macrochip"
14. Errol Reid, "Crosstalk"
15. One Way, "Don't Stop"
16. Com Truise, "CT11-4 (Old Demo)"

Download Com Truise’s New Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape