FTSE & Bipolar Sunshine, “A Little Sumthin” MP3

February 26, 2013

Here's a new pair worth noting: Leicester, UK's FTSE and Manchester's Bipolar Sunshine, both clever producers and sensitive singers. They team up on "A Little Sumthin"—FTSE sings first, but the real gem of a delivery goes to his partner in crime, with the swaying line I'm knockin' on all the doh-oh-oors, assistance is on the way-ay-ay, at 1:43. Download their collaboration and stream solo turns by each of the guys, all three songs very promising. Both have debut EPs coming soonish.

Download: FTSE & Bipolar Sunshine, "A Little Sumthin"

Stream: Bipolar Sunshine, "Fire"

Stream: FTSE, "Sirvyvin"

FTSE & Bipolar Sunshine, “A Little Sumthin” MP3