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Stream: Vondelpark, “California Analog Dream” & Bullion Remix

March 01, 2013

Vondelpark’s "California Analog Dream" has been floating around for a little while now, but its inclusion on Seabed, their debut LP for R&S (out April 2nd), feels right. It's a composed, almost rigid-sounding track that derives all of its emotional heft from distance. Lewis Rainsbury's vocals are husky and remote, but filled with these soft emotional nooks that you can really spend some time pulling apart. The Bullion remix furthers the hazy, laid-back-but-secretly-troubled vibe of the original, with the producer creating a stony backdrop of digital funk, hiccuping acoustic guitar and off-kilter synth washes that envelop Rainsbury's vocals almost completely.

Stream: Vondelpark, "California Analog Dream"

Stream: Vondelpark, "California Analog Dream" (Bullion Remix)

Stream: Vondelpark, “California Analog Dream” & Bullion Remix