“They Don’t Like Kanye in a Kilt,” Says Kanye

March 06, 2013

Last night on Hot 97's Angie Martinez Show, DJ Enuff played a recorded call with Kanye West, where West begrudged his number seven spot on this year's MTV Hottest MCs list. After touting the merits of Cruel Summer and his verse on Rihanna's "Diamonds" remix, Kanye hypothesized that abandoning pink polos and partnering with Kim Kardashian negatively impacted his ranking:

What happens with these type of judges and people who are viewers, when you come in, I had the pink polo and the backpack, then I’m checking all the boxes for that Tribe Called Quest-era and J Dilla and all that, so they champion it. They don’t like Givenchy Kanye. They don’t like Kanye in a kilt. They don’t like Kanye in a relationship.

Listen to the short interview below and read the call's entire transcript—it ends with an abrupt hang-up after Kanye says MTV's Sway Calloway "need to remember that" Kanye gave him his first TV—over at MissInfo.

Stream: Kanye West's DJ Enuff Interview, March 5th

Kanye's not the only one complaining about (and drumming up press for) MTV's list. A$AP Rocky told the LA Leakers he should be number one, not number eight, for bringing gold teeth and double-time back. Early this morning, Danny Brown released a Harry Fraud-produced loosie, "Hottest MC," which mocks the list entirely. "Fuck a top 10 list… nigga im the Greatest Rapper Ever," he wrote on Twitter.

Stream: Danny Brown, "Hottest MC" (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

“They Don’t Like Kanye in a Kilt,” Says Kanye