Stream: Dream Boat, “Sea to Sky (Bear in Heaven Remix)”

April 09, 2013

In this remix of "Sea to Sky," one of the standouts on Dream Boat's recent Eclipsing LP, Bear in Heaven spins some of the more languorous turns in Page Campbell's vocal melody into a darkly percolating dance cut. The bass synth grinds deep, the rhythmics are riddled with tension, and somehow, the very baroque-sounding guitar lead they've lifted from the original sounds more like an invitation to move than a nod to '70s psych-folk. Stream the entirety of Eclipsing on our site, and read some words on the remix below from Dream Boat member Dan Donahue, who happens to go way back with Bear in Heaven's Jon Philpot:

Jon and I are old, life-long friends and have worked on everything from art to parties together, so wanting Jon to add to our sound was a given. When I visited him a few summers ago, he was in the middle of I Love You, It's Cool, and we were wrapping up Eclipsing. We sat in his studio and he played me the "Space Remains" track I had written the lyrics for and I was so blown away by the sound of it. I suggested he remix us and played him some songs and he gave some sage advice on them. I left New York and sent him tracks and I was thinking he was gonna put a spacey spin on "Picture," but he decided to go big with "Sea to Sky." We were blown away by the remix and excited to share it here.

Stream: Dream Boat, "Sea to Sky (Bear in Heaven Remix)"

Stream: Dream Boat, “Sea to Sky (Bear in Heaven Remix)”