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Stream: Vince Staples, “Guns & Roses”

April 11, 2013

"Guns and Roses" is new track from LA's Vince Staples, first teased last month on satellite radio and taken from his upcoming mixtape Stolen Youth, to be produced entirely by Mac Miller (operating on this project, for whatever reason, under the alias Larry Fisherman). Mac Miller's California mansion supposedly has a studio that's as tricked-out as any major label's and as 420-friendly as your friend's couch, an asset to any rapper and clearly to Staples. "Guns & Roses" is heavy, a world away from the hijinks seen on Mac's MTV2 reality show. Staples tells a spiraling story about a community slumping under the weight of a constellation of trouble: ceaseless violence, a lack of nurturing relationships between kids and adults, too much shitty food. He switches to first person in the final verse, concluding I like me better alive, confident that being thoughtful won't impede his chance at rap success or happy living. We agree—and it seems like he's got a lot to look forward to.

Stream: Vince Staples, "Guns & Roses"

Watch Staples and frequent collaborator Michael Uzowuru in the studio with FADER TV:

Stream: Vince Staples, “Guns & Roses”