Download Spoek Mathambo’s Escape From ‘85 Mixtape

July 02, 2013

Today is FADER #69 cover star Spoek Mathambo's 27th birthday, and to celebrate he's released a free tape celebrating the year of his birth. "1985 was a horrible year for [South Africa]," Mathambo tells Dazed, but the tape's a vibrant thing, an "extended exercise in fun" that riffs on Prince and Queen. Mathambo suggests listening while playing the vintage-style game designed to accompany it. Players can chose two modes, one with points and lives and one where you're immortal, hopping over masks and shields, just enjoying the record, which precedes Mathambo's third proper LP.

Download: Spoek Mathambo, Escape From '85

Escape From '85 tracklist:
1. You Should Have Called ( My Heart ) ft BB James
2. Warp Speed ft Yadi
3. Future ft BB James
4. Centipede ft BB James
5. New Position
6. Like a Virgin
7. Shikisha ft Cherry B and YAdi
8. Under The Cherry Moon ft Terri Walker
9. We Can Dance ft Yadi
10. Cat Lady ft Cerebral Vortex
11. Radio Gaga ft Seye
12. Nasty Way ft Fanny Sosa, Cerebral Vortex & DJ Maddjazz (bonus track)

Spoek Mathambo performs at the FADER #69 release party:

Download Spoek Mathambo’s Escape From ‘85 Mixtape