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The “Hot Cheetos & Takis” Kids Made a K-Mart Commercial

August 02, 2013

Update 8/9/2013: Y.N. RichKids have not changed their name to Da Rich Kidzz. Rather, Da Rich Kidzz is a new group, featuring some members of the original "Hot Cheetos & Takis" crew, that has splintered off from Y.N.RichKids, a larger group with revolving members taken from the Beats and Rhymes after school program, which is run out of two sites in Minneapolis. Beats and Rhymes, which is associated with the Minneapolis YMCA, was "not associated" with the K-Mart deal, a rep explains.


Y.N.RichKids, the Minneapolis after school rap crew behind "Hot Cheetos & Takis" and "My Bike," have changed their name to Da Rich Kidzz, become tweens and cashed in. Made with and for K-Mart, "My Limo" is a full-length video, too long to air on TV. Like in earlier videos, Lady J kills her verse and Ben10 wobbles crazily, but now there's the addition of hoodies to model and calculator shilling. According to a press release, The Kidzz also have a "new show from Nickeloden on the line." Should be a busy school year.

The “Hot Cheetos & Takis” Kids Made a K-Mart Commercial