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Download Dean Blunt’s New Album, Stone Island

August 23, 2013

Shortening the album PR cycle to a blurry, few-hour period muddled by time differences and language barriers, Dean Blunt leaked a new track sometime last night, then dropped a fully downloadable new record, Stone Island, on Russian culture site Афиша this morning (we think). Don't try to decipher the tracklist on there, because it's in Russian, but you can listen to album cut "King James" below, or just grab the album here. Even more confusingly, or predictably unpredictable, a lot of it sounds like it was lifted straight off of his recent Hippos In Tanks LP, The Redeemer. "King James," for example, showcases the same iterative repetition of the phrase wake up that appeared on the earlier album's slinky title track.

Stream: Dean Blunt, "King James"

Posted: August 23, 2013
Download Dean Blunt’s New Album, Stone Island