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Video: Au Palais, “Blue Lights”

September 09, 2013


Au Palais—the London-via-Toronto brother-sister duo, at last following up 2011's Tender Mercy EP—pulled out the weird-fashion stops for this video for their new single "Blue Lights," which finds lead singer Elise Commathe dolled up in Raffaele Ascione, Helen Bullock and Michelle Lowe-Holder like some time-traveling, frequently bleeding dowager. There's a style of stop motion that appears at 1:18, then reoccurs a few times throughout, in which Commathe's odd head-turns and colorful garb remind me, maybe, of a mantis shrimp, chilling with a blank expression, thinking about killing something.

For some more context on Au Palais, read our 2011 interview.

Video: Au Palais, “Blue Lights”