Stream: Clare Maguire, “Little White Lies”

Stream Clare Maguire’s new single “Little White Lies” from her new single

September 10, 2013


After two years of silence following her debut album, Light After Dark, London singer/songwriter Clare Maguire has been easing her way back into the spotlight. About once a month, she has been sharing either tentative, spare demos or, in the case of August's "Paper Thin" and today's "Little White Lies," fully fleshed, fantastic songs. Until now, these mostly acoustic tracks been universally heartbreaking; here, Maguire, takes the breaking into her own hands. She floats like a butterfly wearing brass knuckles over a loosely thumbed, rough-neck guitar, the type of backing over which I'd picture Nancy Sinatra clomping into a bar and kicking her boot into some prick's neck.

Stream: Clare Maguire, "Little White Lies"

Stream: Clare Maguire, "Paper Thin"

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Stream: Clare Maguire, “Little White Lies”