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Stream: Ital, “Nodding”

October 07, 2013


The increasingly off-the-grid-sounding Brooklyn producer Ital is reviving his "intermittently active" Lovers Rock label with a two-track self-release this month, excerpted from some protracted, late-night hardware sessions he did at the Red Bull studio in Madrid this past June. "Nodding," the b-side, warms an austere foundation of pummeling 909s with some mischievously pitch-shifted synth diddies and what sounds like a whole wildlife preserve worth of chirping birds. Says Ital of the 12-inch, "I got the idea sometime over the last year that I wanted to try to isolate my favorite aspects of dub techno—the immersive and mediative qualities, the mystery, the interplay between emotional nuance and austerity—without relying on the now-solidified genre tropes. The goal of the day was to achieve some kinda self-hypnosis and to keep the amount of layers to a minimum while not necessarily forcing a #minimal aesthetic." "Throbbing" a/w "Nodding" is out today via Lovers Rock.

Stream: Ital, "Nodding"

Stream: Ital, “Nodding”