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Download 18+’s MIXTAPE3 Mixtape

LA duo 18+’s fucked-up new mixtape is one of the year’s most intriguing. Very pretty, awfully scary.

October 23, 2013

Lucky me: two musical what-the-fuck moments in one day. First there was the operatic new Gatekeeper single, then with this far more perplexing (and frankly far more intriguing) mixtape from LA's 18+, the duo of "Boy" and "Sis" who've been releasing disturbing and sexy electronic music since at least 2011, when Prada scooped up "Drawl" for a video campaign. There are a number of abstract tracks on MIXTAPE3, like the immediately gripping "deadbody," harnessing Kendrick Lamar's line you wanna see a dead body in a way that sounds equally like SALEM and Boards of Canada. But more importantly, given how weird they can sound, are straight-up gorgeous pop songs like the spare and simply sung "almostleaving," or eerie "clubgod." Shiiiiit.

Download: 18+'s MIXTAPE3

Download 18+’s MIXTAPE3 Mixtape