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Stream: Headlock, “Stretcher”

Stream a new ambient drone from Brooklyn producer Headlock.

October 30, 2013

Headlock is the artist formerly known as Dentist, a producer who was already in ambient territory on previous releases but has pushed his sound to even slower and quieter reaches of the galaxy on his new self-titled album. Out this week on the very interesting new Brooklyn label Sci-Fi and Fantasy, who just put out an album by FADER mix alum Lotic, Headlock's "Stretcher" is a damning, slightly pessimistic track that feels suspended in space, like sound frozen into shards and sent spinning at the speed of light. A simplicity shines through, too, the result no doubt of DiBenedetto recording drones that "are stubbornly pure in form—no beats, vocals or samples to be found." Take a listen and buy the album on iTunes and limited edition vinyl.

Stream: Headlock, "Stretcher"

Stream: Headlock, “Stretcher”