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Stream: Omarion, “Love and Other Drugs”

Photographer JAKE MICHAELS
October 30, 2013


In an interview that ran in this year's Summer Music issue, Omarion told FADER that the "core idea" of the music he'd been working on was “love and other drugs," which he explained as, "the euphoric feeling of liking someone. A woman inspiring you to act differently and feel differently—it’s similar to a drug." Today, he's shared a song named after that idea, a compulsively replayable meditation on love's highs and bottom-outs, co-produced by Swiff D and D&D. The track, which masterfully straddles the adult and falsetto pop territory that Justin Bieber's currently mining, will appear on a new Omarion tape, CP-2, out November 5th.

Stream: Omarion, "Love and Other Drugs"

Stream: Omarion, “Love and Other Drugs”