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Dre Green and The GTW, “Neymar Night” MP3

November 13, 2013

The GTW, the Chicago-based JODY member with a penchant for overalls , samples both the sound of crunching leaves and rapper P Rico’s local hit "Hang Wit Me" on "Neymar Night," a loose freebie featuring vocalist Dre Green. With drums inspired by 1997 So So Def and traditional Nigerian music, it sounds like the vintage jam "Summertime, Summertime," playing from speakers across the park at dusk, after a couple vape hits. Read more about how The GTW wants "to help push a progressive music scene in Nigeria,” then as a bonus, check out his recent mix for Ssense.

Download: Dre Green and The GTW, "Neymar Night"

Stream: The GTW, Ssense Mix

Dre Green and The GTW, “Neymar Night” MP3