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Stream: RiFF RAFF, “How To Be the Man” (Prod. by DJ Mustard)

Finally, here’s the first single off RiFF RAFF’s first album for Mad Decent. Produced by DJ Mustard.

November 25, 2013

For a while, I'd feared Neon Icon—RiFF RAFF's debut album on Mad Decent—was approaching Detox-level improbability, but at long last here's its first single, "How To Be the Man," produced by DJ Mustard. After a year of inconsistency, at least relative to 2012, RiFF has stepped up his game here. Though still filled with his signature, candy-coated non sequiturs, this is one of his more narrative tracks since "Lil Mama I'm Sorry," with his usually disjointed bars coming together to form a fictionalized road-to-success story. Mustard's sparseness complements him well, creating essentially a sparser, crisper sonic sequel to "Porsche Cayenne." (Read our recent interview with Mustard for some insight.)

Stream: RiFF RAFF, "How To Be the Man (prod. DJ Mustard)"

Stream: RiFF RAFF, “How To Be the Man” (Prod. by DJ Mustard)