DENA Announces Debut Album, Flash

Bulgaria-via-Berlin’s DENA shares the lead single and tracklist off her debut LP, out 2/24/14. Sounds like she’s having more fun than just about anybody else

Photographer Zelinda Zanichelli
December 04, 2013


Berlin-via-Bulgaria's DENA continues being immensely endearing on "Bad Timing," the lead single of her just-announced debut album, Flash, out February 24th via Normal Surround and !K7. While past tracks like "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools" and "Thin Rope"—whose great videos are below, and both feature on the LP—evoked goofy backpackers jump-roping to old M.I.A., the chill "Bad Timing" is more like looking out at them through a bus window, watching the fun unfold through fogged glass. Still, even when demure, DENA sounds like she's having more fun than just about anybody else.

Stream: DENA, "Bad Timing"

1. Thin Rope
2. Jetlag
3. Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools
4. Total Ignore
5. Bad Timing
6. You Wish
7. Dice
8. Flashed feat Erlend Oye
9. Games
10. Front Row Girl

DENA Announces Debut Album, Flash