DENA And TammyKruelz Are All About Love And OVO On “Girls Like Drake”

Watch them dance through L.A. with their woes.

May 28, 2015

Girls may love Beyoncé, but they like Drake, too. Maybe even more than they like their boyfriends, according to DENA and TammyKruelz (aka AKUA). The two, respectively from Berlin-via-Bulgaria and Toronto, team up to share their love for 6 God on “Girls Like Drake,” which is premiering on The FADER today. The track’s mellow R&B groove gets a matching hazy, pastel-hued video directed by Jazmin Garcia, who made the transatlantic introduction in L.A. last month when DENA was in town working on a new album.


“We all hung out in Echo Park and spent a whole day vibing and reflecting on music, the process of creating, writing, producing, the challenges of the music industry, and, finally, a general affinity for Drake. Next thing we knew, we met up to jam out at TammyKruelz's home studio where we ended up writing and producing ‘Girls Like Drake’,” DENA told The FADER over email. “Within the same week we shot the video for it—a fun drive-through Los Angeles in a '90s jeep. We shot it on the first Coachella Sunday, so this is basically us while Drake was playing in the desert."

Watch the woes dance and drive their way through Los Angeles above, and listen to the track below.

DENA And TammyKruelz Are All About Love And OVO On “Girls Like Drake”