Stream: Max Cooper f. Kathrin deBoer, “Adrift”

Veteran London techno producer Max Cooper primes his long-coming debut LP, Human, with “Adrift,” a new single.

Photographer Shaun Bloodworth
December 09, 2013

Max Cooper, the London producer behind a number of memorable EPs on minimal-inclined techno label Traum, among other places—seriously, look at his Discogs—will release his debut full-length, Human, on March 10th of next year. First, though is his gorgeous "Adrift" single, featuring longtime collaborator Kathrin deBoer on jazzy vocals. Like his recent classical piano-meets-glitch EP, Fragmented Self, but maybe more accessible, "Adrift" sounds to me like a simultaneous portal into the future and past, or maybe evidence that it's one big circle in the end, coming and going together. "Adrift" comes out December 16th on iTunes. My expectations for the LP are pretty damn high.

Stream: Max Cooper f. Kathrin deBoer, "Adrift"

Stream: Max Cooper f. Tom Hodge, "Fragments of Self"

Human LP Tracklist
1. Woven Ancestry
2. Adrift feat Kathrin deBoer
3. Automaton feat BRAIDS
4. Supine
5. Seething
6. Numb feat Kathrin deBoer
7. Impacts
8. Empyrean
9. Apparitions
10. Potency
11. Awakening

Tour Dates
20 Dec - Club Lehmann, Stuttgart, Germany
21 Dec - Hinterhof, Basel, Switzerland
31 Dec - Artheater, Cologne, Germany
10 Jan - Break Club, Montpellier, France
25 Jan - Club Kyo, Singapore, Singapore
27 Jan - Rainbow Serpent Festival, Lexton -Victoria, Australia
02 Feb - Sunday Roast | La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France
07 Feb - Gare Porto, Porto, Portugal
15 Feb - Roest Warehouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands
27 Feb - DIEP | Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
28 Feb - Perron, Rotterdam, Netherlands
01 Mar - Flex, Vienna, Austria
05 Mar - Mistral Club, Aix En Provence, France
08 Mar - KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark

Stream: Max Cooper f. Kathrin deBoer, “Adrift”