Beat Culture, “Drifter (Ricky Eat Acid)” MP3

Maryland’s soon-to-be man of 2014 throws the jungle breaks on Beat Culture’s “Drifter.”

December 18, 2013


A few weeks back we brought you Beat Culture's "Drifter," and now it's been reimagined by Ricky Eat Acid, Maryland's soon-to-be man of 2014 (his best album yet, Three Love Songs, is coming January 21st via Orchid Tapes, the same day as Beat Culture's single). That record does not sound like this. For me, his typically more ambient music's effect is to, with its quiet spaces, draw my anxiety out and relieve me by taking it on. These jungle breaks are kinda kicking my shit back in. But that sounds cool too.

Download: Beat Culture, "Drifter (Ricky Eat Acid)"

Download: Beat Culture, "Drifter"

Beat Culture, “Drifter (Ricky Eat Acid)” MP3