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Download Retch’s Polo Sporting Goods Mixtape

Jersey rapper releases new tape of flamboyant storytelling rap.

Photographer Alex Wesh
December 18, 2013

Lots of young rappers have tried to bring back '90s New York lyricism, but Jersey's RetcH may have just bested all of them with his Polo Sporting Goods tape. It's full of the flamboyant titling and goofily lavish non sequiturs one might expect from Action Bronson or Riff Raff—particularly on track titles like "Odd Sweaters 1992" and "Paul Allen's Business Card," and lines like Versace burger with the Ferragamo french fries from "Burgundy Windbreaker"—but beneath those playful flourishes are some of the best storytelling raps of the year. Pay close attention to heartbreaking "Special Jim," which, like the rest of the tape, was produced by Chicago's Thelonious Martin.

Download: Retch, Polo Sporting Goods

Download Retch’s Polo Sporting Goods Mixtape