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Stream: Rick Ross f. Jay Z, “The Devil Is A Lie”

December 19, 2013

Rick Ross and Jay Z connect for "The Devil Is A Lie," a monstrous song that finds Ross going on about his voice-activated cars and fine wines over a brassy K.E. On The Tracks-produced beat that nearly matches his histrionics. Sounding hungry -- even hungrier, one might argue, than he does on "Drunk in Love," a song that's explicitly about grinding beautiful bodies with Beyoncé -- Jay uses his verse to claim victory over that Barneys debacle:

You seen what I did to the stop and frisk
Brooklyn all up in Barneys like we own the bitch
Giving money to the hood now we all win
Got that Barneys floor looking like a V.I.M.
Black hoodie, black skull.

"The Devil Is A Lie" follows "No Games" as the second single off Mastermind, which supposedly be out early next year.

Watch producer K.E. On The Tracks breakdowns his beat below.

Stream: Rick Ross f. Jay Z, “The Devil Is A Lie”