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Stream: Frankie Cosmos, “Owen”

After bedroom-recording 40 albums, Frankie Cosmos finally heads to the studio.

January 08, 2014

For better or worse, Frankie Cosmos will probably forever be introduced as the singer with 40 self-released albums. It's an odd fact, almost like a neg on her permanent record, simultaneous proof of success—what a feat!—and lack of it—yeah, but does she have more minutes of music released or fans? The logical next step, and the straightest way to attract a few more ears, has always been to throw a few more bucks at the recording process, Elliott Smith style. (I mean, I personally like his shittier-sounding early stuff much better, but the point is a million fewer people would've never even heard the four-track recordings had he never hooked up with Dreamworks and Jon Brion.) All of which is to say: that's what the label Double Double Whammy and Frankie Cosmos have been up to lately, finishing the forthcoming Zentropy LP, her first studio effort with a three-piece band. Vinyl is up for preorder now, and the first track with this cleaner sound is streaming below, via Pitchfork. Seems impossible for old fans not to still like it, and probable she'll attract a few new ones.

Stream: Frankie Cosmos, "Owen"

Stream: Frankie Cosmos, “Owen”