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London Producer Visionist Drops “V-Day” Song

Hear a special Valentine’s Day single from grime-inspired London producer Visionist.

February 14, 2014

Holiday-pegged music emissions have a throw-away vibe more often than not, but what's cool about this new loosie from Lit City Trax affiliate Visionist is a) the cut-up looking cover art and b) the lack of anything remotely sentimental-sounding about it. Never mind what what was going on in Louis Carnell's head when he decided to release it, but it's pretty gansta to drop a beatless, skeletal, sort of creepy grime cut on a day that's supposed to be all about feel-good jams, isn't it? For more information on Visionist, read our Dollars to Pounds profile.

Stream: Visionist, "V-Day"

London Producer Visionist Drops “V-Day” Song