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Stream Thug Entrancer’s Death After Life LP

Listen to Chicago producer Thug Entrancer’s Software Records debut, Death After Life.

February 17, 2014

It's hard not to be intrigued by a producer by the name of Thug Entrancer, especially when that artist specializes in unsentimental excavations of genres like acid house and juke, and calls their album Death After Life. Turns out, the guy behind the project, Ryan McRyhew, is a Denver native who moved to Chicago in 2011, and has been hard at work deconstructing just about every club music style in the book while also soaking in that city's indigenous riches. The results are terse and intimidating, but engrossingly so, especially when you see him building them beat-by-beat on hardware, as he did at a special afternoon edition of Boiler Room in Brooklyn this weekend. Death After Life LP is out now via Software Records; the digital and CD version includes two additional cuts, somewhat cheekily titled "Ready to Live Pt. 1" and "Ready to Live Pt. 2."

Stream: Thug Entrancer, Death After Life

Stream Thug Entrancer’s Death After Life LP