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Listen to TRUST’s Weirdly Sultry “Are We Arc?”

Hear a new song from TRUST’s sophomore LP, Joyland.

Toronto's TRUST is about to release Joyland, the follow-up to 2012's TRST LP, made when the project was a duo, and now-solo-act Robert Alfons's first full-length since taking over the helm alone. Based on the first couple tracks he's shared, it's going to rule—though nothing can really recreate the experience of hearing older track "Bulbform" for the first time. Dazed premiered "Are We Arc?" this morning; it's timid and weirdly sultry, but still retains all the qualities of a good gothic pop song: starry-eyed club electronics, a druggy haze and some morbid, tortured vocals. Joyland is out March 4th on Arts & Crafts.

Stream: TRUST, "Are We Arc?"

Posted: February 19, 2014
Listen to TRUST’s Weirdly Sultry “Are We Arc?”