Dreamboy Finds Power In Heartbreak “On That Dark Cold Morning”

“You ripped me a flower, I cast it into gold.”

March 22, 2016

For Dreamboy, her first solo project outside of performing with the dark-pop Toronto act TR/ST, Esther Munits went to Montreal. That city hums on a different frequency than the rest of Canada, and its energy often manifests in the work of artists: the ideas are often weirder, less linear, and the music is more willing to sound a little ugly in service of something bigger. Dreamboy takes a full minute to set up the solemn, stacked vocals and the song's mood—nostalgic, yearning, resolute—before the drums hit, knocking the wind out of a fuzzy, undulating bass line.

"'On That Dark Cold Morning' is an ode to heartbreak, and a farewell letter to somebody who meant a lot to me at the time," Munits says in an e-mail to The FADER. "It is also a declaration of power: the power to choose whom we let into our lives, and the power to take responsibility for our emotions."


This track is from the new Dreamboy EP, Endings, out May 6. Take a listen.

Dreamboy Finds Power In Heartbreak “On That Dark Cold Morning”