Stream: World Tour, “Surreal”

Premiere: Swedish trio World Tour have yanked Excalibur out from a glacier and returned with more heart-stopping pop.

February 24, 2014


I'll never forget this: around the time they popped up on my radar, in 2012, the Swedish trio World Tour described their hometown, Funäsdalen, as ”a good place to live, a good place to die.” In the quiet years since, it seemed the group might have succumbed to the latter. But not the case! Their glacier-cracking pop returns today to its other first home, one of my longtime favorite labels, Emotion. Of their hiatus, the band says they couldn’t return until they had "forged the music equivalent of the sword Excalibur.” What good thing does "Surreal" remind me of? It reminds me of World Tour being back.

Stream: World Tour, "Surreal"

Stream: World Tour, “Surreal”