Download Arrange’s Album Their Bodies in a Fog

Orchid Tapes, who are certainly shaping up to be record label of the year, released Portlander Arrange’s fourth album today on cassette.

Photographer Mister Lies
March 04, 2014


Following last week's news of Orchid Tapes' Boring Ecstasy compilation, today the record label of the year is releasing Portland singer/producer Arrange's fourth album, Their Bodies in a Fog, on cassette. (It was Arrange, in fact, who introduced to me Orchid Tapes' Ricky Eat Acid in 2011 with a one-off collaboration, hook line sinker etc. Back then I said Drake should get on one of their beats and I still believe that.) Without further adieu, here's a record like the feeling of spotting a black cloud over your shoulder, just barely. Order the tape here.

Download: Arrange's Their Bodies in a Fog

Download Arrange’s Album Their Bodies in a Fog