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Stream: Mac DeMarco, “Brother”

A dawdling, drifting new song from Mac DeMarco.

March 06, 2014

The pace on Mac DeMarco’s new single is so lethargic that there are moments where it almost sounds like a faster song slowed down since it's hard to imagine one written so intentionally sluggish, like a 45 played on 33 speed. But that's DeMarco's magic: a dawdling, narcotic spirit that he captures in a bottle and unleashes on his records. "Brother" is from an upcoming album, Salad Days, out on April 1 for Captured Tracks, which, if its anything like this first single, will be the perfect summer soundtrack for chewing on a piece of straw and watching the clouds crawl across the sky.

Stream: Mac DeMarco, "Brother"

Stream: Mac DeMarco, “Brother”