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Video: Sich Mang, “Tired”

Sich Mang’s new video for “Tired” is as narcotic and narcoleptic as their beats.

March 07, 2014


For nearly three years now, Chicago duo Sich Mang have traded in a gleefully distended mutation of footwork that they’ve cheekily dubbed “wurkstep.” Buoying the often pretty, sometimes vacant, but always body-heaving rhythmic endeavors that mark the genre proper, Sich Mang's heavy dose of psychedelia and wooziness has won them fans and friends in likeminded Chicago beatmakers Supreme Cuts and The-Drum. This clip for “Tired,” featuring acrobat Andre Williams (of America’s Got Talent fame), mirrors the narcotic head nod of their latest with some weightless trampoline tumbling and awestruck onlookers. Sich Mang seem poised for a busy 2014, with a beat tape due out over the summer on Portland’s Gnar Tapes and a self-released thumbdrive of new tunes due out even sooner—so be on the lookout.

Video: Sich Mang, “Tired”