Stream: Fear of Men, “Outrun Me”

Stream “Outrun Me,” the hazy, comforting new Fear of Men song.

Photographer Adam Golfer
March 10, 2014

Adam Golfer's photograph that ran alongside our Gen F profile on Fear of Men is one of my favorite band photos in recent memory, not just because the image (embedded above) is technically beautiful, but because it so accurately reflects the sound of the Brighton quartet's music. There's a serene familiarity to both; it reminds me of that first week of school, when it's warm out but not sweltering and the tragic truth that summer is over hasn't quite sunk in. Their newest song "Outrun Me," has that same hazy, comforting quality. The track is the b-side of their "Luna" 7-inch, out April 7th via Art is Hard.

Stream: Fear of Men, "Outrun Me"

Posted: March 10, 2014
Stream: Fear of Men, “Outrun Me”