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Video: Thurmon Green, “The Grind”

Addictive R&B from New York’s Thurmon Green.

March 19, 2014


LA-born, NYC-based singer Thurmon Green breathes smooth, breezy vocals over his addictive R&B songs, drawing from artists like D’angelo, Miguel and The Neptunes for a truly modern miss-mash. And a new music video for the first single off his forthcoming EP Adolphus, “The Grind,” is as equally pulsating and entrancing as Thurmon's beats. Directed by Mitch Moore, the video switches between intimate frames of Green, choreographed scenes with stewardess back-up dancers (we spot Downtown It Girl Juliana Huxtable!) and bright flashes of colored backdrops—its minimalism is dramatic and a bit surreal, but the beat, provided by kuxxan SUUM, is 100% ready for a Friday night at the club. If you're in New York, you can see him for yourself tonight at Le Bain.

Video: Thurmon Green, “The Grind”