Thurmon Green Wants You To Know That He’s “Tired Of Being Funny”

The NYC artist’s latest single is a tongue-in-cheek earworm about compensating for weakness.

September 09, 2015

We've already introduced you to New York's own Thurmon Green as a singular voice in subversive, edgy pop. The title track off of his forthcoming EP, "Tired of Being Funny" picks up where previous single "Only 1" left off. Green's voice and lyrics are ironic and vulnerable in equal measure, and the song seems to pay tribute to pop radio fodder while simultaneously deconstructing their appeal. The ain't gotta do nothin' craaaazy bit has some seriously Nelly base-notes, for example.

"The song is about the frustration of hiding behind a sense of humor to avoid being vulnerable," Green told The FADER. "I think a lot of people grow up feeling as though they are not _____ enough and cultivate a sense of humor as a source of power and protection." He continued that he hopes that the song can be read for its "broader social and political context" beyond an intimate look at the artist's headspace.


Keep an eye out for Thurmon Green's Tired Of Being Funny EP, dropping September 15th on Doom Dab, and listen to the eponymous single below.

Thurmon Green Wants You To Know That He’s “Tired Of Being Funny”