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Stream: Gallant, “Jupiter Greyscale”

Listen to the doleful new track by L.A. singer-songwriter Gallant.

March 27, 2014


L.A.-based singer Gallant's ambient R&B steady rolls beneath his narcotic falsetto, not unlike oft comparisons The Weeknd and How to Dress Well. His latest track, "Jupiter Greyscale," produced by UK's Maths Time Joy, stays the course, serving something like an ornamented funeral procession for a lifeless love. The track is affecting in sadness but its beauty never buried. "When you make a ton of sacrifices for someone--give what you thought was everything--it can take a lot to look back and admit that you were the one who pulled everything apart," he says of the song's meaning. "I was selfish, I was big-headed, I was insincere and I apologized way too late." Stream the track in its entirety below.

Stream: Gallant, “Jupiter Greyscale”