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Stream: Joakim, “On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)” (CFCF Remix)

A remix of a cover of a classic.


There's a lot of layers to this one: ever-evolving French producer Joakim covered the title track off Neil Young's druggy classic On The Beach, re-imaging it with vocoded singing and a warped, analog tension. So then Canadian producer Mike Silver bka CFCF steps in and adds his trademark wistful synth textures, molding the cover into something I can definitely picture myself bumping by the sea. Joakim's On The Beach EP is out next week via Because. For more, read our 2012 profile on CFCF and then, for the hell of it, listen to Emily Reo's heartbreaking take on the same song that she uploaded to YouTube in 2010. The world is turning, man.

Stream: Joakim, "On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)" (CFCF Remix)

Stream: Joakim, “On The Beach (Neil Young Cover)” (CFCF Remix)