Line Item: This Is A Love Song’s “Bad” Mesh Jerseys

Two designers display their love of this iconic jam on a football jersey.

April 02, 2014

Sure, we could (and do) talk endlessly about the clothes we love, but for our column Line Item, we ask some of our favorite designers to tell us what they think about the best pieces from their newest collections. Today, Stephanie Vermaas and Nina Hadinata of the Bali-based line, This Is A Love Song, talk to us about their Bad Mesh Jerseys, an ode to Michael Jackson.

Nina: There is always a song behind each of our collections, this season it was Michael Jackson’s "Bad." My mom took me to see Michael during his HIStory tour when I was 12, and it changed my life. My cousin and I grew up listening to Michael and each Christmas at my grandma’s house, we’d do the Moonwalk down her halls. I even have a Moonwalk tattoo on the back of my arm as a reminder. Recently, we've started listening to a lot of the songs that we loved from that period of time, back when MTV used to actually play music videos, and found that they're still relevant today. So we had to rep them!

Stephanie: As a kid, soccer is a big part of the culture in Bali and we all have our favourite national teams so we’d wear our team player jerseys to school when a big game is on or sometimes just for fun. Using a jersey was just the perfect because we could show the iconic song titles and the year it was made, which reminds can remind you of where you were back then. In the 80s, I was too young to make my own style choices and dressed super dorkie. Pretty sure that my 12-year old self would love this jersey.

From The Collection:

Line Item
Line Item: This Is A Love Song’s “Bad” Mesh Jerseys