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Is Future the Latest Rapper to Rock Womenswear?

Taking a closer look at the Eileen Fisher-inspired ensemble in Future’s latest video, “I Won.”

April 18, 2014

In his video for "I Won," rapper and sometime-sensitive thug, Future, frolics around a hazy beach in a draped ensemble that looks like it could be a top-seller at sophisticated lady shops like Eileen Fisher or Ann Taylor. The flowing, all-white shawled sweater with matching drop crotch pants is a striking departure from the black leather hoodies and gangster chic of "Covered N Money" and "Move That Dope." And to be HONEST, Future is just the latest in a line of rappers to dabble in a womenswear-inspired style. This past weekend, Kid Cudi caused a stir on social media and fashion blogs when he hit Coachella's stage in an navel-baring crop top and, back in February, FADER 90 cover star Young Thug sparked a lively debate on heteronormative style in hip-hop when he took a twirl in a leopard-print dress. Where Thug's look was scraggly and borderline fuckboi, Future's evokes a sense of grown and sexy elegance that, save for Diddy's all-white soirees, is rarely seen in rap. Either way, Future seems comfortable enough to own this snazzy get-up and strut it alongside the writhing beach bunnies who, try as they might, have nothing on Future's ethereal, scene-stealing presence.

GIFs by Naomi Zeichner.

Is Future the Latest Rapper to Rock Womenswear?