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Stream: DJ Marfox, “Terra Batida”

Stream “Terra Batida,” the kuduro-inspired opening track of DJ Marfox’s Lit City Trax debut, Lucky Punch.

Photographer Diogo Simoes
April 18, 2014


Just when it was becoming hard to think of Lit City Trax without thinking of Chicago footwork and London grime, the global club music-obsessed New York label has gone and shifted its sights over to the suburbs of Lisbon, with a six-track EP from kuduro/tarraxinha producer DJ Marfox, aka Marlon Quintas dos Santos e Silva. According to the label, the grand, throbbing synth stabs on opener "Terra Batida" are an acutely visceral play on the asymmetrical rhythmics of the former Afro-Portuguese tradition, born out of 1980s Angola as a fusion of house music, traditional Angolan samba and Caribbean carnival music. Lucky Punch EP is out May 27th.

Stream: DJ Marfox, "Terra Batida"

Stream: DJ Marfox, “Terra Batida”