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Watch: Oceaán, “Need U”

Rejoice for a little dancing in the streets with Manchester R&B singer/producer’s new video.

April 28, 2014


This R&B-inspired cut from Belgian-born, Manchester-based singer/producer Oceaán surfaced a little under a year ago but it's been given new legs–and arms and hips–by this beautifully simple music video. A guy and a girl make their separate ways home through South London's backstreets, fried chicken spots and cornershops (that's the UK's version of a bodega), each listening to music on their headphones and spelling it out in unabashed dance moves under the streetlights. It's a warming watch and makes me want to dance through the streets too. "Need U" is taken from Oceaán's debut self-titled EP is out now on Chess Club Records.

Watch: Oceaán, “Need U”