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Video: Lil B, “Katy Perry”

Lil B loves Katy Perry, demands she stop leeching off his name.

April 29, 2014

Last February, Katy Perry rocked a full-length dress emblazoned with Lil B's face. Today, Lil B has responded: KATY BOO I LOVE YOU!!!!!! KEEP DOING YO THANG GIRL, ALSO STOP LEECHING OFF LIL B AND USING HIS NAME FOR FILTH, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN - Lil B. First the NBA stole his swag, now this: Brandon's protection is clearly at an all time low. The Task Force has some explaining to do.

UPDATE: Lil B hit us direct to clarify that the love was toward Katy, and the warnings of no-forgiveness were to the other fake-based individuals that try to come up off his name. He's updated the YouTube description as well. We of course extend full apologies to the Based God for the confusion. "Katy Perry" is available on iTunes now.

Video: Lil B, “Katy Perry”