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Video: Mel Looks Important in “Business Man”

Mel of Houston-via-Dallas trio The Outfit, TX goes business casual in the video for self-produced track “Business Man.”

May 06, 2014


Mel, a third of Houston-via-Dallas rap group The Outfit, TX, has the kind of subtle but powerful swag exclusive to sensitive guys who've realized that girls love sensitive guys (not just anybody can pull off the casual space helmet). In the video for "Business Man," a self-produced cut from Cognac/Four Corner Room (an ambitious double album split between Mel and The Outfit's Dorian), he goes full 80s businessman to drive home its casually cocky hook: I know you see me, I look important, drawing out "important" into a syrupy purr. Mel's flow is always nonchalant, but he's especially lowkey here—you can't look important if you're trying too hard.

Video: Mel Looks Important in “Business Man”