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Midnight Jüggernaüts Announces 2-Track EP; Stream “Cedoption”

Hear the a-side of the Austrian trio’s new 2-track EP, “Cedoption.”

May 14, 2014


Last month, we posted a climbing-themed music video from Türkish Prison, the solo project of Midnight Jüggernaüts member Andrew Szekeres. Somehow, this throbbing new Jüggernaüts track gives me a similarly eerie feeling, partly from the bizarre choice of visual theme (lurching lava?), and partly because of the odd, affectless, cards-close-to-the-chest vocals. It's the title track from the Melbourne trio's new, 2-song EP, which they recently self-released on their own Siberia label, the first in a slew of EPs they have slated for 2014.

Midnight Jüggernaüts Announces 2-Track EP; Stream “Cedoption”