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UMG Says You Can’t Watch M.I.A’s Self-Directed “Double Bubble Trouble” (Update)

M.I.A tweeted a link to her new video blocked by her label on copyright grounds.

May 19, 2014

We got word last week that M.I.A's self-directed clip for Matangi's "Double Bubble Trouble" would be dropping today. In typical Maya-fashion, the link did arrive via her twitter feed--complete with a hard block from Universal Music Group, on "copyright grounds." This isn't the controversial artist's first tiff with her label, and it's unclear whether she's tweeted the dead link in meta-protest, or if work is being done to clear the video--she's currently on a retweet spree, sharing complaints from fans around the world who can't view the clip, and comments: "My label has my video , they havnt uploaded for 4 days > they wont let me upload > whats is the point? smh." The thumbnail looks pretty dope, so we're watching for developments.

UPDATE: Now you can. Check out the clip above, where M.I.A explores the darker global implications of 3D-printing. Not surprised to see this needed some extra clearance before dropping.

UMG Says You Can’t Watch M.I.A’s Self-Directed “Double Bubble Trouble” (Update)