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Jay Z Opens a 40/40 Club in the World’s Busiest Airport

Jay Z to open club in world’s busiest airport

May 21, 2014

If Too $hort is to be believed, Jay Z's known a fair bit about airplane luxury since the late '90s, but it's only today that the rapper has capitalized on that knowledge, by opening a glitzy lounges in Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson Airport on Wednesday.

The 40/40 Club is a chain of sports bars and lounges that Jay Z started in 2003 in New York's Flatiron District. Though they've popped up in strange places before (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Barclays Center), plopping one in the middle of the world's highest trafficked airport seems an even wilder move.

There's not many details yet on the features of the club, but unfortunately it'll be for ticketed passengers only. But hey, as of today, if you find yourself with a long layover in Atlanta, you can now put some more money into Jay Z's pocket instead of getting wasted at the bar at Chilis.

Posted: May 21, 2014
Jay Z Opens a 40/40 Club in the World’s Busiest Airport