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Stream Adult Jazz’s Sprawling Single “Spook”

Listen to the first single off the debut full-length from Leeds-based Adult Jazz.


Adult Jazz first charmed us at the end of 2013 with a gratifying experimental pop song called "Springful." This summer, the Leeds-based quartet will release their debut full-length, Gist Is, and lead-off single "Spook" is its sprawling, romantic centerpiece. The song is full of micro-melodies, shifting instrumentation and dynamic turns but never feels overcrowded with feelings or ideas. It's all anchored by Harry Burgess' emotive tenor, which grows particularly transcendent in the song's third act as the percussion picks up. Gist Is will be self-released on August 5th through Spare Thought, the band's own label.

Stream: Adult Jazz, "Spook"

Stream Adult Jazz’s Sprawling Single “Spook”