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Tory Lanez Dreams of FaceTiming an R&B Chick on “Teyana”

The Toronto-based singer streams selfies with Teyana Taylor on this sultry single.

June 02, 2014


I have to imagine FaceTiming with Teyana Taylor would be an ethereal experience, in a way that even chilling in the flesh couldn't compare to. There's something about the two-way tease of a backlit iPhone display and the slight grain of a selfie camera that has our generation in a digital lather, trading lusty eyes and winking smirks across wifi waves miles apart. Toronto singer/producer Tory Lanez has been one of our favorites for a while, belting out the bouncy, lip-biting R&B that made Drake a star and Ty Dolla $ign a name to know, and today he arrives with an anthem for all you freaks maxing out your data plans after 2am. Whether he actually has Teyana's digits isn't clear, and he keeps it that way: "I wrote this song with the intention of better intentions," he tells us. "With that being said, good luck." Stream below, and beware of the screenshot.

Stream: Tory Lanez, "Teyana"

Tory Lanez Dreams of FaceTiming an R&B Chick on “Teyana”