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Disclosure Flips Pharrell’s “Frontin”, Wins Friday Night

After premiering it live in Brooklyn, the duo remix a Pharrell classic just in time for the weekend.

June 06, 2014

English electronic duo Disclosure premiered this Pharrell remix last night at Brooklyn's Output, and tossed out the stream today via Soundcloud. It punches up P's original summertime jam with a more worldly bounce, and turns the tempo up a few notches. Not necessarily intuitive, but there are some bright pockets that make this flip worth the stream (especially amidst the slew of "Happy" remixes we were bombarded with all Spring). Could easily hear this on playback in Club Monaco or blasting at your next Friday night pregame.

Stream: Pharrell f. Jay-Z, "Frontin' (Disclosure Remix)"

Disclosure Flips Pharrell’s “Frontin”, Wins Friday Night